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SGH Alnokhba Laboratories group are group of mega laboratories attached to the SGH group which comply and complete the mession of the group to become the premier healthcare provider and the employer of choice drawing the best talent in the MENA region . A long with the experience of SGH group in Healh care industry and The work of the clinical laboratory - we analyzes chemical indicators in the body to provide the doctor with a clearer picture of a patient's health - has long been an unseen aspect of health care. Yet, clinical lab tests often provide the link between the patient's presentation of symptoms and the doctor's diagnosis of and prescribed treatment for a particular condition or disease. Through preventative screening, laboratory tests also aid in the early detection of potentially fatal conditions,and in so doing, lead to early treatment. In short, lab tests can help both to save lives and to improve the quality of life....

Our Achievemtns in numbers

We can talk for a long time about advantages of our Labratories other medical treatment facilities. But you can read the following facts in order to make sure of all pluses of our Labratories:



1 Million+





Pregnancy Care Program

With the beginning of the pregnancy the mother needs to a series of tests help the doctor to verify the health and safety of the mother and fetus. SGH Alnokhba Labs offers a range of tests for a period of early pregnancy which include : Complete Blood picture - blood grouping - fasting blood sugar - post prandial blood sugar -thyroid hormones

Bony Pain Program

SGH Alnokhba offer a specialized program for detecting the causes of bone pain and arthritis by conducting a series of tests, which include, immunity and inflammation tests - rheumatoid factor - calcium - uric acid - ESR - Parathyroid hormones .

Venereal-diseases program

A Special program from SGH Alnokhba Labs for early detection of sexually transmitted diseases which include ,Hepatitis B -Syphilis - Herpes Chilamydia - AIDS.

Hepatities Program

To Ensure the safety of liver diseases and viruses . doctors are advised to conduct periodic tests of the liver for early detection of liver viruses which include , Liver enzymes - Hepatitis B & C - Albumin .

Thyroid Program

For normal practice of our daily activities without any problems, SGH Alnokhba Labs offers a special program examining the thyroid gland, which plays a key role for all organs of the body and its activities is associated with increased or decreased body weight. this tests include, thyroid gland hormones .

Diabetes program

Did you know that the rate of diabetes in Egypt exceed %10 of the population . SGH Alnokhba Labs offers a special program for the early detection and follow-up of diabetes by conducting a series of periodic tests which include , Fasting and post prandial blood sugar -Gllycated hemoglobin.

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